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Beloit For the Dog Lover

We know how hard it is to leave your dog at home while you travel. Those puppy dog eyes staring up at you while you say goodbye… We’re tearing up just thinking about it! To save you from heartache, our hotel is pet friendly and we love when your dogs come to stay.

Whether you’re traveling to Beloit for business or pleasure, you can make your trip one for your furry companion to remember. We made a list of the best dog-friendly restaurants and activities in Beloit.

Where to Eat

There are quite a few restaurants within walking distance of the hotel with outdoor seating areas that welcome pets. Grab a stuffed burger and a Wisconsin beer at Lucy’s #7 Burger Bar, sink your teeth into Bagels & More’s signature bagels and sandwiches, or enjoy weekend brunch at Bushel & Peck’s. You can also take a short drive to The Rock Bar & Grill to dine on their patio with your pup while you take in the views of the Rock River.

Not that hungry? Pick up something sweet from Flying Pig or a specialty coffee drink from Blue Collar Coffee Co. and stroll through downtown with your furry companion. I’m sure your dog won’t mind if you share a bite or two!

Where to Play

This pet-friendly park is the crown jewel of Beloit. Between the waterfront walking trail and plenty of green space for a picnic and a nap, your pup will never want to leave Riverside Park. On summer Friday nights, you can bring your dog to the pavilion for Music at Harry’s place and listen to local big band, jazz, blues or swing bands while grabbing a bite to eat or drink from one of the food trucks.

If your dog gets a wild streak and craves off-leash time, the Beloit Dog Park is the spot for him (or her) to run, play and socialize. Don’t forget your dog’s favorite tennis ball, so you can get in those hours-long games of fetch!

Who doesn’t love a relaxing hike? Explore Big Hill Park with your favorite hiking companion. Bring a lunch from one of your favorite downtown spots and spend the day hitting the trails. For the best views of Beloit, trek up to the scenic overlook. And, don’t forget to snap a few photos of you and your dog!

Where to Stay

Ironworks Hotel Beloit, of course! Because everyone deserves a soft place to lay their head, especially your dog. They’ll leave with a wagging tail and an Ironworks Hotel bandana around their neck to commemorate the perfect trip to Beloit, and after all that activity, they’ll sleep the whole way home.


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