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Top Four Reasons to Have a Boutique Hotel Wedding

Choosing the perfect venue is among the most important and impactful wedding-planning decisions a couple makes. The venue sets the tone for the entire wedding, and is a reflection of who you are as a couple.

From the convenience to the location, a boutique hotel is the perfect choice for your wedding, large or small, start to finish.

Here are our top four reasons why a boutique hotel wedding makes for the best wedding.

One-stop Shop

Arguably one of the best things about boutique hotel weddings is that everything is under one roof–accommodations, ceremony and reception spaces, event coordinators… Everything. And that’s just for the wedding day. Don’t forget about your wedding shower, bachelor/ette party, rehearsal dinner and gift opening. You can host all of these at one boutique hotel.

More Personality

You should get married in a venue that’s as special as you are. Instead of a generic, run-of-the-mill event space, boutique hotels sport an individuality that allows every wedding to be a unique experience from start to finish. Whether you’re having a small wedding or a large one, many boutique hotels offer a variety of ceremony and reception options, making for a customizable wedding day.

Prime Location

Most boutique hotels are strategically placed in charming towns or on busy downtown streets, so you and your guests can be close to the best restaurants and activities. It’s the perfect excuse for guests to turn your wedding weekend into a mini vacation.


Don’t want the weekend to end? Stay a few extra days and start the honeymoon as soon as your wedding day is complete. You can save the hassle of packing and traveling until after you’ve had a few days of post-wedding relaxation.

Those are just four reasons! If you want to know what else makes a boutique hotel wedding so great, contact our Group Sales Team at 608-362-5500.


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