The Dog Days of Ironworks Hotel Beloit

National Dog Day may be August 26, but we celebrate your furry friends every day at Ironworks Hotel Beloit. When you bring your dog along to Beloit, they’ll experience the suite life at your favorite pet friendly hotel in Wisconsin.

Only the best for our dogs, right? Right. From check in to check out, we’ll treat your dog (or dogs) like the king or queen they know they are.

We offer a few special things to pamper your pet during their stay at Ironworks Hotel:

  • To help them remember their stay, an Ironworks Hotel bandana

  • For something sweet, an Ironworks Hotel dog treat

  • To get out the zoomies, a ball for playtime

  • To keep things clean, complimentary waste bags

  • For the real VIP treatment, a dogs only in-room dining menu

A hotel stay wouldn’t be complete without room service, so we had to create a menu for your pooch.

​​Skinny Dog

Grilled chicken or salmon over rice and mixed vegetables

Breakfast Dog

Sautéed sweet potatoes, bacon and eggs

Top Dog

Ground sirloin meatloaf, eggs and mixed vegetables

And be sure to check out a few of these spots when you’re in town. After one stay, Beloit, Wisconsin, will be your dog’s new favorite place. We promise.