Any Given Sunday (or Friday)

On Friday, you’re in love. Just ask The Cure. There’s no rule that says you need to get married on a Saturday, and for a lot of couples, a Friday or Sunday wedding makes more sense. Whether you’d like to save money or you’d like to get married within the next five years, Sunday bloody Sunday just might be your wedding day. It might take a little convincing since Saturday weddings are still the norm, but there are plenty of reasons to ditch that idea. Discounts Many venues and vendors offer discounted rates for Friday and Sunday weddings. It’s crazy how much you’ll be able to save or how many extra things you’ll be able to afford by simply not having your wedding on a Saturday.

Snag a Sooner DateYou’ve had your heart set on getting married at a certain venue, but when you go to talk dates, their Saturdays are booked out for the next three years. Don’t freak out! Keep calm and ask to book on a Friday or Sunday. Guaranteed you’ll walk down the aisle a lot sooner than three years from now. Your favorite photographer or DJ are also more likely to be available on a Friday or Sunday. It’s a win-win!

There Will Be BrunchWho says you have to have an afternoon or evening wedding? Sunday is the perfect day to have a brunch-themed wedding. Your reception won’t go late into the night, so people won’t be tired for work the next day. And seriously, you get to have bloody marys and mimosas at your wedding. That itself should seal the deal.

Religious Obligations Many rabbis won’t marry a couple on Shabbat, so if they want to get married on a Saturday, it has to be after sundown. During the summer months, the sun doesn’t set until 8pm. That’s a late ceremony, and then to have the reception follow… It’d be easier to get married Friday before sundown or any time on Sunday.

For the Out-of-TownersIf a lot of your guests are from out of town, a Sunday wedding may be the way to go since it’s cheaper to fly on Saturdays and Mondays. Also, some people have to work on Saturdays, so if your wedding is on a Sunday, it saves those guests from taking an extra day off of work (if they’re not traveling on Monday).

So Much Room! So Many Activities! With a Friday or Sunday wedding, you have the opportunity to take the entire weekend to hang out with your guests. Planning on having a destination wedding? Even better.

Gotta Get Down on FridayI’m sorry for the Rebecca Black reference, but it fits so well! A Friday afternoon or evening ceremony followed by a late-night reception is the perfect way for guests to blow off steam and celebrate the end of the week as well as your nuptials.

Prefer to Party EarlyOn the flip side, if you and your fiance don’t want to have a reception that lasts all night, a Sunday wedding may be more your style. Some of your guests may have work or school the next day, so your reception probably wouldn’t be a late night affair.